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  Trocar Cannula
Inside Valve Fitting   6 mm Multifunction Trocar Cannula   10.5 mm Multifunction Trocar Cannula
EndoTip   Blunt Trocar   11 mm & 10. 5 mm Trocar Cannula
Multifunction Valve
6 mm & 5.5 mm Multifunction Trocar Cannula   5.5 mm or 6 mm Spiral Pipe   15.5 mm & 12.5 mm Trocar Cannula Flap Valve
Inside Valve Single Turning fitting   5.5 mm Utsav Trocar cannula with Twin
Antileak Washer Transperent and long spiral
  Flip Top Reducer 10 mm - 5 mm
Telescope Lock   Dual Valve   Hasson's Cone
5 mm & 10 mm Safety Trocar   20 mm Port Dilator set with Antileak Reducer    
3.5 mm Simple Trocar Cannula with
insufflation channel
  Antileak Reducer Metal Long 10 mm - 5 mm   7.5 mm Simple Trocar Cannula
7.5 mm Flap Valve Trocar Cannula   Orange Trocar Cannula
6 mm Anti Leak with
insufflation channle and spiral
  Orange Trocar Cannula
11 mm Anti Leak with
insufflation channle and spiral